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11th Annual Family Interfaith Picnic: More wonderful unity hosted by New Africa of the Palm Beaches

April 29th · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

With gratitude to our Beneficent and Merciful Creator, let me echo the sentiments of those who called it another truly amazing day. We are thankful to all who traveled great or short distances for the 11th Annual Interfaith Family Picnic hosted by our New Africa of the Palm Beaches group. Thankful to all who contributed great food or other donations of support. Thanks for the reminder that prayer trumps rain. Thanks for our Haitians friends who arrived after church and taught us some invaluable lessons. Particular appreciation to our First UU of the Palm Beaches congregation in the house — er, in the pavilion. To Harold, Hanan and Karimah for that smokin’ fish and all the love through the years. To our Orlando and Melbourne regulars for your steadfast support year in and out — not to mention the spinach patties that always are a hit. Thanks to Guana Malik for all her sacrifice. And a salute to our NAPB team: Imam Jaabir Muhammad, Otis Salahuddin, Baha Muhammad, Sabir Salahuddin, and the member who consistently contributes most: Aneesha Hanif.

More wonderful unity. More wonderful scenes:





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  • Safiyyah

    Nice pictures…I wish I could have been there…

  • Bob Ashmore

    What a truely beautiful day for me. A wonderful service and the Unitarian/Universalist church and then conversations at the picnic that I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life. I was truely uplifted. It was a spiritual experience that enriched me. Thank you for including me.

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