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Talk About Civility

November 10th · No Comments · Barack Obama, Florida Weekly, Muslim

My latest in Florida Weekly’s Palm Beach Gardens edition: A lot of folks are talking about civility these days. But is anyone doing anything about it? Well, yeah — er, I mean, yes. Yet it seems the busier folks in this arena are those promoting even more incivility in our national public discourse.

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Ibrahim, Raymond and Juan

November 5th · No Comments · Interfaith, Islam, Muslim, New Africa of the Palm Beaches

My friend Raymond M. shared this the other day — another example of the clueless, Faux News poppycock that U. of Mich. Professor Juan Cole regularly dissects at his Informed Comment site (reason I regularly refer sincere, thinking people there). I generally consider Internet hate-mongering a cry for help from otherwise decent people who (like Juan Williams, perhaps?) are fighting […]

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10 Essential Links of Our Time (or at least, recent days)

September 16th · No Comments · Catholic, Focolare, Islam, Jesus, Jewish, Muslim

Who’s afraid of shariah? by Sumbul Ali-Karamali, self-described “pledge-of-allegiance-reciting, California-raised Muslim girl.” Also an attorney with an additional degree in Islamic law — and among the most delightful writers around. Note the additional Essential Links in her penultimate paragraph: So the best thing to do is find out what Islam really is about. Talk to […]

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Swiftboating a ‘mosque’ Part II

August 22nd · No Comments · Delray Beach, Islam, Muslim, Palm Beach Post

Last Sunday I committed to provide documentation of Muslim condemnation of 9/11 and terrorism during our always engaging News Talk session at the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches. We won’t hear such denunciation documented on Faux News — quite the contrary. But one need only Google these things. In fact, in a search […]

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Burning the Qur’an? ‘Wherever they burn books, they will in the end Burn Human Beings’

August 2nd · No Comments · Muslim, Quran

I love it when truly knowledgeable folks other than Muslims speak on Islam. If it gets any better than University of Michigan Prof. Juan Cole at his Informed Comment site, someone let me know. And don’t miss the informed comments.

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Juan Cole: Following Quranic logic to its conclusion

March 17th · 2 Comments · Islam, Muslim, Quran

Stumbled across this insight from University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole while researching my talk on the true picture of Muslims with a great group yesterday at Harbour’s Edge in Delray Beach. Cole cites and translates chapter and verse to conclude: “The default in the Quran is therefore not aggressive warfare, something the book repeatedly […]

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