Promoting unity among people of faith (or no particular faith) in the 21st Century.

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We begin with G-d’s name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer.

What’s your spiritual path? Judaism? Christianity? Islam? Buddhism? Hinduism? No particular ism? As human beings we must learn to live together, or fall together. promotes balanced, caring community life that extends from wherever you are reading these words to our one, universal community.

This is a meeting place for folks who are making the Golden Rule real, not just an ideal.

For building bridges across religious, ethic and cultural lines based on our shared values.

For Unique, Universal and Your Views on Faith, Unity, Peace.

For promoting cooperation rather than domination.

For subordinating our egos.

For throwing off the assumption that we already know.

For seeking to learn the other, rather than define the other.

For lighting candles rather than cursing the darkness.

For sharing our ideas, strategies, programs and events that are working to bring about the goal “That all may be one.”

For spirituality with media, new media, technological, cultural and political perspectives in the 21st Century.

For those who have chosen to seek in sincerity the best in our common human inheritance.

Who are convinced that (paraphrasing a hardware chain’s promo): You can do it, and we can help — each other.

Who are here not to convert each other, but to learn from each other.

For, G-d willing, I do hope and pray to learn from you.