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Awesome Ramadan memories…

August 8th · No Comments · Golden Rule, Hajj, Islam, Muslim, Prayer, Quran, Ramadan

… from Mecca (video). Just a few million of the world’s nearly 2 billion Muslims standing to observe the late-night Taraweeh prayer this past Ramadan. Pretty good English translation of the Arabiyya, for friends seeking to gain a sense of the beauty. I especially love the scenes in which the camera focuses on the Quran page from which the imam is reciting, then pans out showing some of the enormity of the crowd. Note that on this night, the completion of the 30-day Quran recitation is marked with a special prayer for humanity. A rough similitude to all this might be the entire world bowing in unity to our Creator, while committing to get up, go forth and practice the Golden Rule. Yes I know, Ramadan has ended. But I can’t let go of these scenes, so reminiscent of the Hajj. I pray to join this ancient place’s visitors again soon.

Meanwhile, one writer’s take on:

Mecca’s changing face matches the needs of its Muslim pilgrims

And for something completely different, I happened across this  look at another slice of Muslim life. (My fashion-designer wife is going to love this.):

Ramadan – Makkah 


The girl in gold, black and white 

And last:

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About The Kaaba »


— C.B. Hanif


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