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Routine acts of kindness contrast with divisive rhetoric

September 30th · No Comments · Muslim, Quran, Ramadan, The Coastal Star

My latest InterFaith21 essay in The Coastal Star: “For those of us who experienced 9/11 in America, our hearts were heavy in two respects. One, because of the senseless loss of innocent life. But then there was a double blow to us, because in the process, the religion of Al-Islam was blemished, by the conduct […]

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10 Essential Links of Our Time (or at least, recent days)

September 16th · No Comments · Catholic, Focolare, Islam, Jesus, Jewish, Muslim

Who’s afraid of shariah? by Sumbul Ali-Karamali, self-described “pledge-of-allegiance-reciting, California-raised Muslim girl.” Also an attorney with an additional degree in Islamic law — and among the most delightful writers around. Note the additional Essential Links in her penultimate paragraph: So the best thing to do is find out what Islam really is about. Talk to […]

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At least we agreed no Quran burning

August 18th · No Comments · Islam, Muslim, Quran

With my longtime friend Rabbi Barry Silver and new friend Pastor Mark Boykin positing our various perspectives, WPBF-TV’s reporter had an unenviable job but managed to distill our comments to eight representative grafs. One small nit (sorry, it’s the news ombudsman in me): I said “healing and reconciliation,” which understandably could have been misheard given […]

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Rowe: The ugliest part of fear mongering is that the ‘they’ and ‘them’ being referred to are other Americans

August 17th · No Comments · Islam, Muslim

The baiting headlines — some now morphing to “Ground Zero Mosque” in quotes — have obscured the Cordoba project’s transformative objective from its inception: Maybe the ultimate memorial to the murder victims of September 11th would be to categorically reject the forces of political and religious divisiveness who want this fear of neighbors to fester and […]

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Swiftboating a mosque? It ain’t a mosque, of course. And it ain’t at Ground Zero. In face of right-wing’s latest stampede effort, a president and mayor stand for right

August 14th · No Comments · Barack Obama, Interfaith, Islam, Muslim

“I am ashamed to say that it took me a week to focus on the facts and it wasn’t until I heard an architect from NY describe where the building was, that it was in the middle of a row on (sic) buildings on a city block, and how it was designed inside that I […]

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Rabbi Michael Lerner: ‘Shame on ADL’

August 5th · No Comments · Islam, Jewish, Muslim, The Palm Beach Post

I really enjoyed talking with Abraham Foxman during his annual visits with The Palm Beach Post editorial board. But you have to wonder if it isn’t time for fresh leadership at ADL national. In any event I agree with Rabbi Lerner, Tikkun Magazine editor, that the Anti-Defamation League badly missed the mosque moment: ADL leader Abe Foxman presented […]

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