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Commentary: Ali best defined by his Muslim faith

June 12th · No Comments · Focolare, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Interfaith, Islam, Media, New Africa of the Palm Beaches, Palm Beach Post

Appreciation to my Palm Beach Post colleagues for publishing over the years my occasional columns on Al-Islam and Muslims – whether explaining Ramadan or the Hajj, or the fact that Islam by definition rejects terrorism, or this essay today, whose text also appears below. In an era of so much misinformation – some due to […]

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Noted Imam Condemns ‘Atrocious Acts of ISIL’

September 8th · No Comments · Extremism, Interfaith, Iraq, Islam, Muslim, Prophet Muhammad

Needed to be said. Have been meaning to post this via email from my friend and colleague Imam Talib Shareef, United States Air Force retired, and national imam/chaplain, Muslim American Veterans Association, who also recently provided the opening prayer for the U.S. Congress: Leader of The Nation’s Mosque Condemns the Murder of Steven Sotloff by ISIL/ISIS Imam Talib Shareef, leader […]

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Focolare Word of Life: Forgive

August 10th · 1 Comment · Bible, Catholic, Chiara Lubich, Focolare, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Interfaith, Old Testament, Quran, The Mosque Cares

Focolare Word of Life – August 2014 “Forgive your neighbour the wrong done to you, and then your sins will be pardoned when you pray.” — Sir 28:2). One of our dear friends among the Focolare Movement — founded and championed by what  might best be described as genuine Christians — just shared their Word of Life for August 2014. […]

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There is no way to Peace…

August 9th · No Comments · Interfaith, Mideast

…Peace is the way. A good friend appends her email messages thus. Her sentiment seems no less appropriate today. In that spirit, some notable links that others recently have brought to my attention: Palestinian-American writer Susan Abulhawa’s review of Jacob Nammar’s Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian: A family history firmly rooted in Jerusalem’s soil Also, her review of Miko Peled’s The General’s Son, […]

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Ramadan: “Please tell me what you think”

August 24th · No Comments · Christian, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Interfaith, Muslim, Ramadan

Salam. I loved it. Can you imagine a world full of people like Rev. Nathan Day Wilson? I will share it with my Christian co workers. Thank you, Br Hanif. — Ayube In actuality I deserve none of the thanks here. It started with a kind note from one good man to another: From: Nathan Wilson <> To: Michael Saahir <> […]

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“Yes! Yes! Yes!” to superb Poetry Service at 1st UU

July 31st · No Comments · Interfaith, Unitarian Universalist

Friends constantly hear me bragging on our smart and ever-engaging local “UU” community — the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches. Today came another perfect illustration of why. I was looking forward to my friend Marika Stone leading the 10:30 a.m. service. To my pleasant surprise it was a poetry service. And it was […]

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Richard Palermo: The case of Patriotism v. Nationalism

July 30th · 1 Comment · Interfaith, Unitarian Universalist

What many who hold this view fail to recognize, is that they are equating Patriotism with Nationalism, patriotism’s evil twin, which though at first glance, might appear to be the same, is profoundly different. My friend Richard Palermo delivered this timely, thought-provoking message during the July 3, 2011 Sunday service at the First Unitarian Universalist […]

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Singing teens make musical impression for Israel

July 29th · No Comments · Interfaith,, The Coastal Star

Their energy was amazing, their routines deftly choreographed beneath exquisite harmony and outstanding solos: —  from my latest InterFaith21 essay in The Coastal Star. More scenes:

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Giving thanks for another ‘Models for Interfaith Dialogue & Unity’ gathering at 1st UU of the Palm Beaches

June 26th · No Comments · Focolare, Interfaith, Unitarian Universalist

Thanks to the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches — “the congregation of loving hearts, open minds and helping hands” — and the venue for today’s DVD & Discussion session among more than 30 area folks: UU, Jewish, Focolare and other Christians, Baha’i, Muslims and others. Thanks for the Focolare video, “Journeying Together,” featuring […]

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In Loving Memory: Judith Sabreen Sharif (1947-2011)

June 19th · 15 Comments · Interfaith, Islam

“Magnificent sister” was one of the many accolades heard. My favorite: “There are very few souls who can pull us together around the yard like this.” On a wonderful Saturday, June 18, an amazingly diverse, overflow crowd of the South Florida Muslim community, family, friends and students paid last respects to Judith Sabreen Sharif (October 17, […]

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