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In Loving Memory: Judith Sabreen Sharif (1947-2011)

June 19th · 15 Comments · Interfaith, Islam

“Magnificent sister” was one of the many accolades heard. My favorite: “There are very few souls who can pull us together around the yard like this.”

On a wonderful Saturday, June 18, an amazingly diverse, overflow crowd of the South Florida Muslim community, family, friends and students paid last respects to Judith Sabreen Sharif (October 17, 1947 – June 16, 2011), of the Republic of Panama, Brooklyn and Miami.

If there was any doubt how beloved was this wife, mother, businesswoman, teacher and education chair of The International League of Muslim Women’s South Florida Chapter,  a double sign appeared as the sun set at Miami’s Masjid Ibrahim:

The spiritual significance? One interpretation might be two pots of gold at the rainbow’s end. A better interpretation: good and more good, a double portion of the Mercy and Peace that our Maker has promised — for our dear Sister Judith, and us for whom she so faithfully and tirelessly cared.

More scenes:

— C.B. Hanif


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  • Shahidah Sharif

    As her baby girl, I am honored to have been blessed with a mother who I can admire and pray that I live up to her standards of excellence, quality of character, and beauty she possessed. She was strong, patient, sincere, humble, and kind. May Allah grant her peace and entry into the highest levels of paradise. Ameen.

  • Vickie Bashir

    May Allah forgive Sister Judith of her sins and may she enter the paradise.

  • Sultana Ali

    To the family of my beloved sister Judith. We ask that Allah sooth your hearts. Judith was such a worker for Islam. May she continue her peace in the Jennah with Allah. Brooklyn Masjid loves all of you. Once inducted into the army of Allah, she never flinched.

  • sameeh ali

    ASA From all members of MAVA we pray with all and our support is alway there.


    Memories are like precious coins the more you have the wealthier you are.Thank ALLAH for allowing us to collect so many coins.Grant her a spacious grave, with a beautiful companion…..the Holy Quran,a view of the gardens of delight, judgement without reconning and the highest rank,YA RAbbi, Allahhumah sallialla muhamad.

  • Ricardo Edward

    I want to acknowledge the blessing that God has bestowed upon us by sending Sister Sharif to mingle amongst us…my experience around her was always of fond memories. She was the most dearing of attitudes that I have ever met…always kind and soft spoken, tender and caring…I know Brother Sharif will miss his good other half, and I hurt with her children and family who will wander without her…God bless us all.

  • Aneesha

    Judith was a really a true friend and sister to me and she will always be in my heart I loved my sister. Judith will truly be missed by The International League of Muslim Women,Inc. South Florida Chapter. I thank Allah for loaning us such a beautiful rose from the garden. Will continue to keep the family in my prayers.
    Thanks Hanif for the wonderful memories.

  • Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal

    ASA, in behalf of the believers in Philadelphia we pray Allah The Most High comforts the family and friends, that He helps them find the ease and that they hold on to the best of things from our sister. Thank you brother Hanif for sharing with the extended family by way of your e-mail.

  • Zarifa

    i luv u sister judith 🙂 <3

  • Imam Eugene W. Farooq

    We will make Dua for Sister Sharif. My Allah comfort her family and reward her with the

  • Toure Muhammad

    As Salaam Alaikum,

    From Allah we are delivered and to Allah we return.

    Very peaceful and balance capture of this day and the natural process we all must face.

    May Allah continue to reward you for your service to the community.

  • phyllis Marie scaringe

    Dear brothers and sisters, we, your focolare family of Washington join with you and are grateful for the wonderful life and testimony of faith of our dear sister, Judith Sharif.

    united, Phyllis Scaringe

  • rev. gloria stanchak alexander

    In my heart I bless this precious jewel among us and in tears bless her on her way. In this past two weeks, I have come to hear of three very spiritual beings who walked the walk and shared their wisdom and understanding. I did not know her in the physical but am sure I a meeting her now on a greater higher level and unite with her and bless her on the greater journey ahead.

  • Allene Gammage-Ahmed

    To Allah be the glory for all He has done for our dear sister Judith. Allah will reward her for all that she has earned in this life, promising her a place with her Lord, in His beautiful Garden of Peace. I have such sweet memories of being in her presence, remembering most her smile, her joyous spirit and how she loved being in the midst of the believers, especially the sisters. My prayers are extended to the family of Sis. Judith; be encouraged, be steadfast in your faith and keep close to your heart the life she lived. Allah is kind to His servants now and forevermore. Oh, the radiance of the rainbow displayed from above, what beautiful significance, particularly on this day. Doesn’t that just remind us of our dear sister? YES!



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