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Lifetime of faith leads to Islam (LifePoints)

June 17th · 1 Comment · Imam W. Deen Mohammed

We sat under the wonderful teaching of Imam W.D. Muhammad, and came into Islam with knowledge based only on Quran and Sunnah, unaffected by centuries of cultural strife and sectarianism. We became liberated. We could then embrace the Muslims of other countries, but still value our unique heritage…

Thank you Marilyn Lewis-Alim (and The Huntsville Times) for this inspired essay.

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  • sterling v.abdulkhaliq

    as salaam alaikum,I was there in the first resurrection as we called it then.Wondering what part I was going to play in sharing Islam with the rest of the world.I didn’t think small back then and looking over my life I think I did contribute something to this great work that was started originally by our prophet muhammad[p.b.u.h] of Arabia.I’m grateful to Allah to have met and know Imam w.d. muhammad and to see the part that he played in Allah’s plan.may we all find our role,ameen.

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