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The Focolare & Muslims: More history at TMC 2010 Muslim Convention & Ramadan Session, Day 3

September 5th · 1 Comment · Chiara Lubich, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Interfaith, Islam, Muslim, Ramadan

“We Cannot Stop Now” developing the ties of love, unity and mutual progress established by our dear leaders, the Blessed Lady Chiara Lubich and Imam W. Deen Mohammed. A look at our historic Muslims & Focolare workshop, and more Saturday afternoon scenes:

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Scenes from The Mosque Cares 2010 Annual Muslim Convention and Ramadan Session

September 3rd · No Comments · Chiara Lubich, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Islam, Muslim, Quran, Ramadan

Given the choice between catching up on my Quran reading (as we try to cover 1/30 during each day of this fasting month), or, providing details regarding the start of things at the Garden State Exhibit Center here in Somerset, NJ — well quickly, here are some scenes. Ramadan Mubarak (Ramadan Blessings) All.

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