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Goodness still on the rise at 2011 Muslim Convention

September 4th · 1 Comment · Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Islam

Nur-Deen-Haj (L) and Osie-Sheik Muhammad during the Pioneer Reception at the 2011 Annual Muslim Convention hosted by The Mosque Cares, Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

“…the best thing that came out of it is a sincere, conscious effort to understand Muslims better.”

While our mass media shamefully stereotype Muslims as Arabs, kudos to South Town Star reporter Steve Metsch for his perceptive “10 years after 9/11?” question during yesterday’s news conference, here in Chicago, at the 2011 edition of the annual Muslim Convention hosted by The Mosques Cares Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

Also credit “The Imam’s” son Wallace Mohammed II, president of The Mosques, for his above-cited response. It is reflective of the constructive outlook of our dedicated and balanced Muslim American community, whose roots on these shores extend before the beginning of America, and who, thanks to the astute leadership of Imam Mohammed, continue influencing human society for the good.

As for any misguided  or ill-informed attempt to define for us what being Muslim is, here, from the news conference, the Friday congregational prayer, the Pioneer Reception, the Coalition for Good Government’s Town Hall Meeting, and a few other stops in between, are more scenes:

— C.B. Hanif

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  • Malik Sharif


    My Dear Brother C. B. Hanif,
    Once again your camera and pen have joined hands to share with us some memorable scenes from the muslim convention. If one had to put in words what the brimming smiles portray, volumes could be written from your photos. The glow and the radiance from the attendees send a message of gratitude and appreciation. Even the children seem to be so much at peace. Thank you for sharing those wonderful gems with us. May Allah’s generous bounty flow in front of you and give you more opportunities to witness such priceless treasures. ALLAHU AKBAR !!

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