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Burn, pastor, burn?

August 5th · No Comments · Bible, Christian, Islam, Jesus, Quran

While we’re in this neighborhood (see last couple of posts): Though I generally shared his sentiments, I wish CNN’s Rick Sanchez had been more journalist than TV personality in his interview of Pastor Terry Thomas. It may have helped to see and hear more of the “Islam is of the Devil” pastor’s thinking.

For more knowledgeable folks, it’s always interesting to hear Muslim-bashers try to define what “true Muslims believe.” As their misinformation campaign continues losing traction, the haters become even more desperate for attention — just like other extremists. And it becomes clearer that, thanks largely to our clueless, lazy if not exploitative so-called news media on such matters, plenty of folks simply have little familiarity with Islam and Muslims (and most minorities, religious or non) beyond the stereotypes, while others, still fighting the Crusades, just don’t want to know.

Part of the shame is that such meanspirited pastors not only do true Christians a disservice. They also ill serve the wonderful teacher revered in the Quran as a Word from our Creator, and in whose path sincere Christians try to walk. I know innumerable of the latter as my friends, teachers, fellow human beings and brothers and sisters in faith in the Maker of all.

WWJD? According to the Bible that genuine Christians try to follow, he said love thy neighbor — not burn his book.

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