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Muslims in Memphis still slammin’, jammin’ (scenes)

March 26th · 6 Comments · Islam, Muslim

Our annual trek to visit my wife’s family in Memphis has been tempered by her dad’s illness, though his spirit is ever good. Meanwhile another joy continues better than ever: the city of Memphis’ annual salute to its Muslim community.

Masjid Al-Mu’Minun is in its ninth year of spearheading this monthlong series of “Muslims in Memphis” activities. They peak with the “Slammin’ Jammin’ Finale” weekend whose highlight is the banquet at which I sit as I write. This always wonderful evening will conclude with many of the Muslims and non-Muslims, family and friends on the dance floor. (No, these Muslims are not too holy for the Electric Slide.)

Not only do my wife and I plan our annual trek to coincide with this weekend. So do Masjid Al-Mu’Minun’s friends and family from around the country, as well as the Southern Association of Masajid and Centers, an organization of my fellow imams and others in positions of leadership in our communities. Our SAMC meeting earlier today included another excellent session by Imam Qasim Ahmed, an internationally noted scholar of Arabic from our community. We heard too from the Coalition for Good Government.

But this is not the time for me to wax at length on “Muslims in Memphis.” For now we pray the Almighty’s Peace and Blessings upon the outstanding work being done here by the Masjid Al-Mu-Minun team.

More MIM scenes:



— C.B. Hanif


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  • Abdul-Khaaliq El-Amin

    ASA, Once again Allah Has granted the believers thru your efforts with a glimpse of what awaits in the hereafter. Thank you Bro. Hanif for sharing . Abdul-Khaaliq

  • Charmagyne Akram

    ASA…Allah truly blessed us with a wonderful month-long of events. Thanks to you and Aneesha and all the believers that traveled here for your presence and helping us to fulfill our obligation. The spirit of the believers help us to strive even harder to make it a grand affair! Thank you for your outstanding reporting. Keep up the great work!…See ya’ next year, Insha’llah. Much Love from Memphis..Amir & Charmagyne

  • Wali Shaheed

    C. B.

    You continue to make us all proud. Thanks for all that you do. You are a hero.

  • Jaabir K. Muhammad

    Beautiful pictures. Wish I could be there with you all. After all that is the city of my birth. Pray Allaah that all had a great time and are blessed with a sfe return to your homes. Thanks for keeping us informed. You are a great reporter.
    Imam Jaabir

    • Imam Salahuddin Hanif

      ASA, We thank Allah for your wonderful work. You and family are always in our du’a. Salahuddin H. Hanif

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