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‘Bible on the Beach’ theme: Exercise Your Faith

July 24th · 4 Comments · Bible, Interfaith

Great daybreak class this morning at the Lake Worth Municipal Beach led by Tee Jackson, a wonderful teacher sharing universal principles from her Christian perspective:

“Some of us lift weights, watch our diets religiously and spend countless hours in the gym. Do we display that same determination in our spiritual lives? Do we have that same zeal for exercising our minds, soul and spirit? Since none of us can become godly by osmosis, we need to learn to exercise our faith. It takes exercise and effort to achieve spiritual faith.”

It is from her dedicated work helping ladies on behalf of the Women’s Circle (see herehere and here) that I know “Miss Tee,” as we call her.  When she told me about her 6:00 to 7:30 a.m. gathering, I was determined to support her effort. (Of course, the beach setting didn’t hurt.)

Tee, joined by her friends Gilda, Janice and Carolyn, started off with physical stretching exercises, and ended with a walk along the beach. In between, during her brief session on “How is your Faith exercised?”,  Tee cited scriptural passages and plainspoken wisdom while working through concepts of “Warming Up” (Matt. 7.7), “Stretching” (Luke 5:4) and “Walking” (Matt. 4:4).

“Stretch out on faith,” Tee Jackson counseled in that segment of her presentation. “As I prepared for this first ‘Bible on the Beach’ I had no idea who would come out or if anyone would come but, because of my past experiences of seeing God’s blessings for my faithfulness, I said, ‘Yes Lord I’ll go if I have to go alone.’ In Luke 5:4 we read the story of the disciples who had fished all night long and had no catch. Then Jesus came along and said to them to launch out into the deep and drop your net.”

I left the ocean sounds and breeze energized and inspired. More scenes:

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  • Tee Jackson

    This is for the sleepy heads. We have gone the extra mile for you and have alloted you an extra 30 minutes. Yes, you can sleep in a little longer. The new time change is 6:30-8:00 a.m . We hope this has been a help for you and we’ll see you at Bible on the Beach!

    Be blessed and to Him who is the author and the finisher of our faith give Him glory!

  • Carolyn

    Tee, I want to thank you for listening and obeying God’s voice! As soon as I walked over the dune and saw the majestic waves, I immediately thought of Jesus walking on the water! It was an awesome setting for thanking God for his many blessings!!! I look forward to our next meeting-exercising our faith!

    • Tee Jackson

      Carolyn, thank you for having faith to come out and not knowing what to expect. Now that’s faith! I hope that God richly blessed you with something that was said. Take what you have gleaned and apply it to your walk as you continue to exercise your faith.

      When I look at the pictures that CB took I felt as if I was still at the beach. It was simply breath taking.

  • Tee Jackson

    We are grateful to God that He has allowed us to be a part of this glorious creation.

    Yes, we had an awesome time on Saturday morning as we exercised or bodies and our faith.

    Thanks to CB Haniff for sharing this blessed event with so many others and his presence and support.

    Remember in all things to give Him glory!

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