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New Medinah’s 25th: Mississippi Muslim milestone

June 2nd · Comments Off on New Medinah’s 25th: Mississippi Muslim milestone · Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Islam, Muslim

For me, the most enduring image from the 25th Annual New Medinah Islamic Retreat was the youngsters, blissfully enjoying the sun and fun, engrossed in their safe, stimulating, loving-and-learning environment. It was a reminder of times gone by, when elders provided the same for us — who now have a responsibility to do even more for […]

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Muslims in Memphis still slammin’, jammin’ (scenes)

March 26th · 6 Comments · Islam, Muslim

Our annual trek to visit my wife’s family in Memphis has been tempered by her dad’s illness, though his spirit is ever good. Meanwhile another joy continues better than ever: the city of Memphis’ annual salute to its Muslim community. Masjid Al-Mu’Minun is in its ninth year of spearheading this monthlong series of “Muslims in […]

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Sharing on Hajj and the Quran with Pax Christi

November 13th · 1 Comment · Catholic, Christian, Islam, Muslim

Tremendous gratitude to the local Pax Christi group for hosting me as speaker during their monthly meeting Nov. 10. In prepared comments I spoke about the the Hajj, the pilgrimage to the holy city Mecca that I was blessed to make in 2001. This year’s Hajj is due to begin on Monday, so I was expanding […]

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Ibrahim, Raymond and Juan

November 5th · No Comments · Interfaith, Islam, Muslim, New Africa of the Palm Beaches

My friend Raymond M. shared this the other day — another example of the clueless, Faux News poppycock that U. of Mich. Professor Juan Cole regularly dissects at his Informed Comment site (reason I regularly refer sincere, thinking people there). I generally consider Internet hate-mongering a cry for help from otherwise decent people who (like Juan Williams, perhaps?) are fighting […]

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Scenes from conclusion of Florida Conference of Muslim Americans’ regional meeting, Oct. 21-24 Fort Myers

October 31st · No Comments · Florida Conference of Muslim Americans, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Islam, Muslim

Fajr prayer, education sessions, business meeting and other scenes from Oct. 21-24 gathering… — C.B. Hanif

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Florida Conference of Muslim Americans & Fort Myers friends enjoy model community life at fall meeting

October 24th · 5 Comments · Florida Conference of Muslim Americans, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Islam, Muslim

The conference theme was “Community For Real Change.” Noteworthy  was the daylong community festival at Roberto Clemente Park. Also the inspiring interfaith panel discussion featuring the Rev. Dr. Wayne Robinson, the Rev. Dr. William Glover and Imam Dr. Nasir Ahmad, for which I was honored to serve as moderator. There were sessions at the historic (1926) Dunbar […]

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The Major and the Imam(s) for Haiti

October 15th · 1 Comment · Haiti, Islam, Muslim, New Africa of the Palm Beaches

A reprise of my piece published in the Muslim Journal Sept. 24 seems apropos in light of Maj. Joseph Bernadel’s talk upcoming Sunday: The January 12, 2010 earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti devastated an already impoverished, exploited and neglected nation. In making sense of incomprehensible loss, many people, once again exhibiting the indomitable Haitian spirit, took […]

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Ted Widmer: The True History of the Koran in America

October 13th · No Comments · Islam, Muslim, Quran

“As usual, the Founders were way ahead of us. They thought hard about how to build a country of many different faiths. And to advance that vision to the fullest, they read the Koran, and studied Islam with a calm intelligence that today’s over-hyped Americans can only begin to imagine. They knew something that we […]

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Speaking at Palm Beach State College on ‘Muslims in the Media,’ the outstanding students made it a great day

October 6th · 8 Comments · Islam, Media, Muslim

Once again it was the kids — this time Palm Beach State College students — who reminded me why I’m hopelessly optimistic about the possibilities for humanity. For example I so appreciated the young man who, as we approached the two-hour point in the scheduled hour-and- a half program, stood in the question-and-answer line to […]

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Join us for more “Model Interfaith Dialogue & Unity” on Sunday highlighting “8 Centuries of Muslims in America”

September 25th · No Comments · Focolare, Islam, Muslim, New Africa of the Palm Beaches

With G-d’s Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer Join Us As We Again Spotlight “Model Interfaith Dialogue & Unity” Featuring the unprecedented documentary: “8 Centuries of Muslims in America” Chronicling the history and contributions of Muslims in America dating from before the arrival of Columbus right up to today. Former Palm Beach Post writer/editor […]

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